Monday, February 18, 2013

Taking the guesswork out of Preschool lunches

My three year old starts at Preschool on Thursday, and I think it is safe to say that I am the more nervous one! I hope he shares nicely, doesn't yell too much and listens to the teachers. He keeps asking when he is allowed to go to school and is so excited to have a new backpack and lunchbox.

Filling that lunchbox was one thing I stressed about- I had no idea how much or what type of food to pack. Thankfully, the preschool gave me a bit of a guide on foods that were not allowed, and I had a sneak peak at some of the other children's lunchboxes when we were there for a visit.

Most of the time I will be putting together his lunch, but if I am busy with the baby or my husband feels like making two lunches, I wanted a bit of a guide for him so that the lunchboxes would be consistent. I ended up making this 6x4 print that can go on the fridge.

This way I can get my son involved in the process as well, as he can choose one item from each column. I only have to do the full lunch once a week, plus the snack and fruit/veg option once for his half day, but I am sure it will come in very useful if we are in a rush in the morning! This will also be handy if we are going somehwere were I need to pack a lunch, not just for Preschool.

Please feel free to print one of these off for your own fridge too :)

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