Friday, November 21, 2014

Shop What You Got Week Three Review

iCurvy World

Another week of outfits based on 30 items, and my mint t-shirt definitely became one of my staples!

Day 15 was a day of shopping and crafting, so a simple outfit kept me cool and comfortable. Black Basic Slub Tee (Pagani), Miley Sandals (Number One Shoes), Crop Denim Capri (Farmers).

Day 16 was my Mum's 60th birthday, so I glammed up in this Daisy Jacquard Dress with Belt (Farmers). I also put on my High Heeled Ruched Shoes with Ankle Strap (Wild Pair). The dress came with this belt, and some black hoop earrings were the only accessory I needed.

On day 17 I experimented with tucking my Aqua Basic Slub Tee (Pagani) into my Tie Back Drop Hem Black Skirt (Max) then adding a matching belt.

I didn't just want to wear this Ashanti Fit and Flare Dress (Cotton On) by itself for Day 18, so I tied a Navy sleeveless blouse (Paper Scissors) over the top to add some extra interest and paired it with my Julia Blue Sandals (Number One Shoes).

Day 19 and my Aqua Basic Slub Tee (Pagani) was tucked into my basic Black Jeans, also from Pagani.

Day 20 started off cold, so I put my Black Drape Bolero (Blue Illusion) over my Layla Sixties Floral Mini Dress (Boohoo). This was a great outfit for running errands, meeting my Dad for a coffee and taking my sons to dancing lessons.

Day 21 was hot and blustery, so once again I tucked my Aqua Basic Slub Tee (Pagani) into this patterned Paisley Print Skater Skirt (Paper Scissors). The skirt has the same colour or mint in the pattern, and paired with my Miley Tan Sandals (Number One Shoes) it kept me cool.

As you can see, it has been a good week for my Aqua Tee and yes I washed it between wears! I am starting to get the hang of tucking my tops into skirts and pants, as a lot of my tops are too big or have stretched out at the bottom and so tucking them in means that I can still wear them without looking sloppy. Because of my shape, I find it hard to wear oversized tops, so tucking in keeps waist definition and also makes me look a bit more put together.

I am glad the weather is warming up as I haven't had the chance yet to wear one of my skirts or a couple of the sleeveless items, so look out for them next week!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kimono, Get Happy!

Kimono tops are set to be a huge fashion feature this spring and summer, and with good reason. Perfect for throwing over a swimsuit, using when the weather turns cooler or wearing them as a party dress, kimonos can be extremely versatile.

Styling You shows how a kimono can jazz up a basic outfit, and the marvelous Kimba has shared how to wear a kimono during the school runs. Sonia Styling is another beautiful blogger embracing the kimono for springtime. These three lovely ladies know what they are talking about, so when they all mentioned kimonos I decided it was time for me to scout around and find some of my favourites!

Here are my picks for Kimono options in New Zealand and Australia.

Kimono, Get Happy

These range in price, but are all very reasonable for a wardrobe item that will quickly become a staple. Ezibuy currently even has a special when your purchase two of their kimonos! The white lace option from Boohoo really can be worn over anything, and the floral options provide a fun pick-me-up for those days where you want to feel fresh and pretty.

I am currently loving the Boohoo Lace Kimono and the Emerge Blue Kimono the best and they may find themselves onto my early Christmas present list- what is your favourite kimono out of this bunch?

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Monday, November 17, 2014


A portrait of my children, once a week, in 2014.

Lucas having a break from crafts to ponder his next colouring choice.

Adam smiling through a mouth full of strawberries.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Shop What You Got Week Two Review

iCurvy World

It's that time of the week where I share my outfits from the Shop What You Got Challenge!

Day 8 was full of birthday celebrations for family members, so I needed a simple party outfit. I ended up wearing Elegant Pink and Black Ruffle Dress (Sammydress) and High heeled Ruched Shoes with Ankle Strap (Wild Pair).

Day 9 wearing my birthday necklace with Aqua Basic Slub Tee (Pagani) and Basic Black Jeans (Pagani). I haven't been into pagani for ages but splurged after my birthday and discovered that it is still one of my favourite shops! Shoes are my Puma Sports flats.

Day 10 was spent hanging out at home, and so I needed something casual and comfortable. I wore some Black Studded Sandals (Number One Shoes) with a Stripe Panel Tee Shirt from overseas and my JayJays denim shorts.

Day 11 was a beautiful sunny day so I pulled out this Maxi Dress (Sammydress) and paired it with my Miley Sandals (Number One Shoes). These sandlas are on special this weekend for half price and come in black or tan- well worth getting a pair in each colour!

The cooler weather came back for day 12 and so I paired my  Basic Black Jeans (Pagani) with this Striped Chiffon Blouse (Sammydress) and a Cord Jacket from Sportsgirl.

Day 13 is my budget bargain of the week, with these items coming in at $7.50 for the whole outfit! I picked up the jacket, top and jeans at a clothes swap where there was a $4 entry fee, and the necklace was $2.50 at Pagani. The shoes were a birthday gift two years ago.

Day 14-A Public Holiday here today, so we are off to ride miniature trains and have icecream. Due to safety regulations on the trains I have to wear closed toe shoes, but I still pulled out my patterned pants for Printed Pants Friday!

Day 13 was my favourite look of the week. Can you tell I love wearing flats? I really should get some wedges for summer, but I am not purchasing anything this month and had already picked these shoes. I walk about 5 kilometres most days and so heels aren't practical for my day-to-day lifestyle, but I did enjoy the chance to wear heels with my party dress.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Virtual Book Club For Kids (Eric Litwin)

We have discovered a new favourite book character- Pete The Cat, created by Eric Litwin.

My eldest is due to start school soon, and so Pete The Cat- Rocking in My School Shoes seemed like a good choice for bedtime reading.

Lucas quickly picked up the repetition and loved singing along with all of the activities. Pete went to school on the bus, played on the playground and visited the library, all the while rocking in his school shoes.

Adam is only two and so he was quite happy to sing along to an old favourite, jazzed up by Pete The Cat.

Since both of these books feature a yellow school bus, we had a great time creating our own buses. This was great for Lucas to focus on his creativity, and for Adam to talk about colours and shapes.

Adam started off by gluing the shapes down- he is very independent so I helped him with placement but he had to glue everything himself.

We talked about circles and squares, counted the wheels and windows, and also talked about the three colours.

Lucas was happy to glue and then decided his bus needed some extra colour, so out came the drawing items. Then Dad came home, and decided that Adam's bus also added some extra flair. The result...

It is so nice when the whole family can get involved in activities like this- I am not sure who had the most fun!

To see what other Eric Litwin activities have been going on, please head over to the Virtual Book Club for Kids Facebook page and check out the latest posts!

Sunday, November 9, 2014


A portrait of my children, once a week, in 2014.

Lucas playing with his camera- it is amazing what a cardboard box can turn into!

Adam having a giggle during weekend birthday celebrations.

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Shop What You Got Week One Review

iCurvy World

Week One of Shop What You Got has had its ups and downs- I started a day late due to my son being ill and I also ended up with an allergic reaction requiring two doctor visits- but at least I made it through the week with all of my outfits intact!

Day 2- Layla Sixties Floral Mini Dress, (Boohoo

Day 3- Striped Chiffon Blouse (Sammydress), Crop Denim Capri (Farmers), Julia Blue Sandals (Number One Shoes)

Day 4- Black Drape Bolero (Blue Illusion), Stripe Panel T-shirt (Marks and Spencer), Basic Black Jeans (Pagani), Black Sports Flats (Puma)

Day 5- Faux Leather Long Sleeved Top (Decjuba), Limited Edition Grey Always Skinny Jeans (GAP), Black Sports Flats (Puma)

Day 6- Ashanti Fit and Flare Dress, (Cotton On), Blue Crop Jacket (Glassons), Miley Tan Sandals (Number One Shoes)

Day 7- Black Basic Slub Tee (Pagani), Indiana Drapey Pant (Cotton On), Black Sports Flats (Puma)

I haven't had any double ups yet, apart from shoes, but you will be seeing these some of these items again soon! I would love to know what your favourite outfit was this week.

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