Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday

Thanks to Miriam at Create Hope Inspire for intoducing me to Wardrobe Wednesday! I find it hard to look styled and put together when I will most likely get puked on, get food over my pants, and get my hair and jewellery pulled. But today I had a few things to do so I thought I should make an effort!

I am pretty pleased as I bought these pants at Christmas time, and they only just fit. But today I could fit into them with a bit of room to spare. I thought it could be risky wearing white out and about, but it is so hot in Christchurch today and all my shorts are in the wash. My pants weren't actually wonky, I am just bending one leg in this picture for some reason.

Top: Shanton (although from my sister's closet!)
Pants: UnderCoverWear convertible cargoes
Shoes: Hannahs
Earrings: Diva Bling
I had my hair up for a change too, since the wind has a habit of blowing my hair in my face and I was doing a fair bit of outside play today.
I have had to take a full inventory of my wardrobe since losing the baby weight. I got rid of three bags of old, too big or out of date clothes, and sent them all to the Salvation Army. I am slowly now building up my wardrobe with classic pieces that I can mix and match. I have a list of some staples I need to buy, and I sometimes allow myself a splurge on a trend piece, but for the most part my style is pretty simple. I did see a navy striped top like this paired with a pastel yellow skirt, so I am on the hunt for one but can only find mustard yellow. However, I think the white pants will feature a bit more in my weekdays as they are still looking pretty clean even after peaches, tomato sauce and dirt nearby.


  1. You look great. Love this classic combo

  2. Great look! and congratulations on you're loss of your baby weight :) You're right the shirt would look great with a little skirt!


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