Monday, January 14, 2013

My Pinterest Resolutions

OK, I admit it. I have a habit of pinning things on Pinterest and never going back to them. So this year I have decided to pick ten things on my Pinterest boards and do them by July. I will share them with you and let you know the results of each one. I try to have a mix of different themes and options so that I can get a good overview of things I want to accomplish. Here is the list, with a brief explanation about the pin and why I want to try it out.

The conveniece of cans is a plus when I have a toddler hanging off my leg and a crying baby. But really, if I make up a good stash like this lady has, it will make mealtimes a lot easier.


We have some leftover paint from the earthquake repairs, and Adam's bookcase is plain white. I think that the look of the painted back is really modern, and so I would love to do this to finish off his room.


I will do this list during February, as it is the month of our anniversary and Valentines Day. I sometimes forget to show my husband how much I appreciate him, so I hope this list will make me be a better wife.

Organise my house.


This is the biggie! I plan to do this in March when Lucas is settled into preschool and we have our TV cabinet and storage delivered. This Pinterest link is amazing- 14 weeks of organising your home, with a focus on a different area each week. I am actually very excited about this one!

Create a play space for Adam.


Lucas has his own play area, so it is only fair that Adam gets one too! I love the look of this area- it seems so inviting and just says "play" to me.

Make this wedding card.


One of my good friends is getting married at the end of March and so I would like to make this style card for her. I like the CAS (clean and simple) look of the card, and I am itching to use the Love and Laughter stamp set!

Stock up on freezer smoothies.


My son loves his "mooovies" as he calls them- and I really enjoy having them too. If I make up a stash of these for the freezer, then we can both enjoy a smoothie at short notice.

Make some laundry art.

I have a three photo frame that is begging for some photos- I thought I could put these cute laundry printables in the frame and hang it in my laundry.

Limit screen time.


I must admit, there are times when I need to get things done and it is easiest just to put a DVD on. I really want to fix this habit, and this lady has great ideas on managing screen time. I want to play more with Lucas, which leads me to my last Pinterest item.

Do the Toddler Bucket List with Lucas.


I love this idea! I want Lucas to be as well rounded as possible. He will be starting preschool soon, and so I want our time together to be exciting and memorable so that he has some great recollections of our time together.

I hope this list has inspired you to cross off some things on your Pinterest boards- I will be checking in as I cross off each item. I am excited to start!

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  1. These Pinterest Resolutions sound great! I loved the toddler bucket list idea. Definitely doing it with my daughter!

    Visiting from the BYB challenge


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