Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rainy day activity- Milk Colouring and Painting.

It has been bucketing down with rain here today in Christchurch, and so I was on the lookout for something for Lucas to do that was still relatively quiet as Adam is teething and needs lots of sleep. I looked on my Pinterest boards and found an idea for Painting with Milk.

You will need:
Shallow dish or lid
Milk (whole is best)
Food colouring
Paper towels
(optional- paint brush and plastic lid for painting)

All you do is pour some milk into a shallow dish, then add some food colouring. Lucas may have gotten a little carried away with this part! Note to self- buy food colouring with droppers built in to the lids.
Then swirl the colours with the toothpicks to make patterns.
Lucas had great fun mixing the colours together, and you can see that the food colouring will stay seperate for a while to allow you to make some interesting patterns in the milk.
I love the look on his face!

If you want to, you can then paint with your coloured milk creation once the colours mix together. Lucas happily painted on paper towels spread out on a large plastic lid.

This was a fun rainy day activity that kept Lucas amused while Adam was sleeping. Be warned, it can get messy, so I would suggest painting over a plastic mat or keep lots of paper towels on hand!

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