Friday, January 18, 2013

Dinosaur Birthday Cake

We recently celebrated Lucas' third birthday and he had been asking for a dinosuar themed party. I have already shared his invitations here. Of course, I knew that this would mean making a dinosaur cake! I decided to make a 3D type cake, and really enjoyed putting it together. I thought I would share the step by step instructions so that you can make a dinosaur cake too!

You need to make a 20cm diameter round cake and a square cake for this recipe. You can use any cake flavour- I used chocolate cake as that is Lucas' favourite. My favourite chocolate cake recipe is here. You will also need a double quantity of green buttercream icing.

Cut the round cake in half down the middle, then stand each half cut side down and place side by side. Join together using some of the icing.

Cut a good 10cm off the top of the square cake, and then cut the ends off in two triangle shapes at the opposite end. Use the 10cm cut-off piece to create a tail and the four feet.

Start to cover the cake in the green icing. This step may take a while!

For the decorating, you will need:
White marshmellows
1 large Toblerone
Round chocolate biscuits (I used Toffee pops)
Large chocolate buttons
A small quantity of chocolate icing

Use the toblerone to create the dinosaur's spiked nose and the spikes down his back. Dot the dinosuar's body with the chocolate buttons. Add the chocolate biscuits in between the head and body cakes to create the ruff. Use marshmellows for the eyes, attaching with some leftover icing or chocolate icing, and dot them with a little bit of the chocolate icing, and give him a smile!


I am not the best decorator, but my son absolutely loved his cake!

I am linking up to Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday!


  1. oh my gosh, what a fUN cake! A lot of work went into creating this, and I'm sure that little guy loved it too!


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