Monday, October 20, 2014

Spring Week

Our theme for the last week has been Spring, which meant we could take advantage of the lovely weather and learn about this season at the same time.

We had great fun making giant pinwheel daffodils.

Lucas and Adam completed the Spring Fling worksheet and especially loved graphing the dice roll.

On the way home from preschool we did a Spring scavenger hunt and manged to cross everything off the list except for a rainbow and a kite. It made the walk home a lot more fun and got the boys involved in helping each other to spot things on the list.

Lucas drew me a hedgehog during colouring time.

We went outside and collected lots of leaves to look at. Once we had decided on our favourite leaves, we made leaf rubbings and admired the pretty patterns.

On Wednesday we made cookies- we couldn't decide if they were ladybugs or toadstools, but either way they reminded us of Spring. We made a simple shortbread base, then used raspberry flavoured ready roll icing and chocolate drops to decorate. The boys were very good at taking turns with the circle cookie cutter, and Lucas had an impromptu maths lesson when he was weighing out the ingredients.

Of course, the best part of Spring is being outside, so we made plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine.

Next week, we will be sharing the Poppins Book Nook activities, and then it will be our Halloween week!

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