Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Frocktober Day 8

Today I am wearing one of my favourite dresses. This dress makes me feel great, and it features all of my favourite colours. When I put this dress on, I feel confident and ready to take on the day!

Excuse the side on pose, I was trying to cook dinner and take photos at the same time! I took about 50 this morning but when I loaded them they were all out of focus. I read a great article entitled "Behind The Scenes of an Instagram Photo" today by Redcliffe Style, it definitely sounded familiar! These Frocktber photos are taken on my good camera and then edited to feature the three photos, I never show you the ones with my eyes closed or weird facial expressions. This side pose is probably as bad as it will get.

Back to the dress- this one was another clothes swap bargain. I know I have featured a lot of clothes swap items, but it really is a great way to get some new clothes and not spend a fortune. I am hosting another clothes swap in Christchurch at the end of November so that everyone can get some new summer items. When I saw this dress I immediately grabbed it, and I was thrilled when it fitted perfectly.

I am not sure yet which dress I will wear tomorrow as thew weather is very temperamental at the moment, but I am really looking forward to what the next week will bring. It makes me feel good to dress up a bit each day, and I have been getting lots of compliments. Putting on a dress makes me think about how I present myself to the world, and I feel a lot more confident in how I look.

For more information about Frocktober and to make a donation to ovarian cancer research, please click here.

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