Saturday, October 4, 2014

Frocktober Day 4

This morning there was a nip in the air, but I was determined to put on one of my nicer dresses for the weekend!

This post is a little later than usual as we have been out to pick up a new computer desk this morning, so the computer was unplugged while we moved furniture around. A fancy dress and lifting heavy furtniture probably aren't the best combination, but I managed!

This peacock dress was from a clothes swap, and even came with the belt! I paired it with my tights and black lace flats. This morning I also had on my plain black cardigan but that has come off as the day has progressed.

This dress is satin, and so I had to wear a slip underneath for modesty and static reasons! I did my hair up as well, and added some purple teardrop earrings to mimic the peacock feather shape.

For more information about Frocktober and to make a donation to ovarian cancer research, please click here.

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