Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pinterest Resolutions Update II

The time has come to assess how well I did with my Pinterest Resolutions. Here I will recap the projects I wanted to achieve in the past six months, and whether or not they worked out for me.

Spring Clean My House:
This happened for about two weeks- then I discovered something very true.

My next idea was to make Fridge Mats. Unfortunately, when I went to the link it wasn't working anymore but I have since found it on her new blog so I have updated the link for you. Here  is my version of this craft.

I definitely Prepared For Christmas- gosh that seems like a long time ago! Soon I will have to do this all over again as I found it so helpful.

I made my own Personalised Casserole Dishes for Christmas gifts based on this post and they were very well received.

I made my own Lego Jelly for Lucas' LEGO City party and it was an absolute hit!

I have joined a Kid's Virtual Book Club and we have had lots of fun exploring books and coming up with activities. You can check out our previous posts for ideas based on Mem Fox, Denise Fleming, Marcus Pfister, Laura Numeroff, Paul Galdone and Bill Martin Jr. We will continue to keep doing this, as it is so good for the boys and I also have fun planning the activities.

I started to organise my ribbon storage but found I really needed something with a lid, so I have ended up buying this organiser instead.

Knock My Husband's Socks Off- this was a fantastic seven day challenge and I really recommend it. We connected a lot during the week and my husband seemed a lot happier. We even managed to get a date night in!

Make A Command Centre- Full details of this will be on my blog soon, but I am super happy with the end result!

Finally, I vowed to Be Present in my Child's Day. I would like to think I have achieved this! A lot of these have been fun to do, and my youngest loves to play horsey ride. Lucas has also learnt to do some chores because of this list, and our team counting has reached 100! I recommend checking out this list for lots of fabulous ideas. My husband has also been working on this without even knowing!

Please come back on Monday, when I will be sharing my next set of Pinterest Resolutions.

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  1. I need to check out the Knocked My Husbands Socks Off link :) Wow, you've accomplished a lot!


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