Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hosting a Clothes Swap

Over the weekend, I hosted a clothes swap at my house for my friends. This was a great way to get rid of some clothes I hadn't worn for a while, and get some brand new clothes. I didn't even have to leave my house!

Everyone brought some items that they no longer wanted. The minimum was 5 pieces of clothing, but most of us had at least one bag full of clothes. There were also accessories, shoes and swimwear options. I personally had about 10 bags of clothes out on the table- I had had a big sort out and was looking forward to clearing out my storage.

I managed to get 13 items of clothing, a scarf and two pieces of jewellery. I have showcased them below so that you can see how well these items have been absorbed into my closet. I have listed the clothes swap item under each photo.

Left: Denim shorts, Centre: Ruffle skirt, Right: Black pants and scarf.

 Left: Silver fern skirt and red merino jersey, Centre: Wool dress, Right: Patterned dress, Crop sleeve blazer.

 When I put heels on I forgot to adjust the tripod!
Left: Maxi dress, Centre: Peacock Dress, Right, Black halter dress, necklace and bracelet.

I also got these shorts. I love this new top as well- not from clothes swap but from Sammydress.
Opinions needed- do you think I can pull off this blazer? I also got it for free from my sister.

My favourite item ended up being the black dress- it has pockets and is super comfortable! I have been on the lookout for a LBD for some time now, and I am super chuffed that I got one for free. I can dress it up or down, and I think the neckline really suits me.

My friend Creative Mama also did a write up about her goodies from the Clothes Swap!

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  1. like it with and without the blazer

  2. I quite like the blazer. But I'd wear it with colour and push the sleeves up. Can't resist a good tzhjush!

    Thanks for Joining Wardrobe Wednesday x

  3. I agree with Kim-Marie I would wear the blazer but with colour.

  4. Great haul of clothing. Loving the shorts and the last outfit is my fave, slightly prefer it without the Blazer. I also love you in all those dresses in the third row.

    I hosted a link up yesterday (June 11) so check it out. I'd love for you to join. If you do, please make sure you include a link back to my blog.

    Enjoy the weekend, Lauren.

    P.S. We should totally follow each-other via GFC and Bloglovin.

  5. I like it without the blazer. I really love the black halter dress and also the ruffle skirt. What a great idea, I wish my friends and I were all around the same size so I could steal this idea :) Thanks for linking up with What Wives Wear!

  6. A very successful clothes swap! Love that maxi dress on you particularly :)

    Away From The Blue

  7. Lauren thanks for linking up. I recently went to a kids clothing swap at my daughter's school. I didn't think I would find anything good but I actually came out with a backpack full of stuff. I liked your peacock dress the best. I agree I would go with the blazer. Have a great weekend! ~Sherri

  8. I like the blazer! Are the arms a little long? Maybe a roll or have them taken up. But it sits beautifully. Love the idea of a clothes swap, and love your finds! Will have to give it a go.


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