Thursday, June 19, 2014

DIY Fridge Mats

A while back, this was mentioned on my Pinterest Resolutions. Making my own Fridge Mats seemed like a great idea, as my fridge shelves weren't exactly the most inspiring (or clean) thing to look at.

Copious amounts of beer as a thank you from my brother in law! And yes, that is a chocolate Santa still hanging around from Christmas.

I found that both PVC and laminate plastic was quite expensive, so a trip to my local $2 shop unearthed some of these. The pattern even matches my kitchen and fruit bowl.

It is amazing how something so simple can make my day so much brighter- now it is nice to look into my fridge.

Here is a before and after shot for comparison.

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  1. nice work! My fridge would benefit greatly from such a commitment! x

  2. Wow. I would never have thought of doing that. Nice way to keep the fridge looking cheerful.

  3. That is an excellent idea. How can you not be happy looking at polka dots? x

  4. Nice and tidy and happy!! You have to love a project that brightens your day! yay!


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