Tuesday, June 17, 2014

One Scarf, Twelve Ways

I love the new scarf I got from my recent clothes swap, and wanted to share some different ways of styling it.

I have included links to instructional tutorials where applicable under each photo if you need to know how to replicate each style.

Tucked into blazer, draped under blazer lapel, NYC and Double Wrap

Fake Knot, Loop n Through, Rosette and Back Drape

If you want to see more ideas, check out my Pinterest board on Styling Scarves!

Joining in with Wardrobe Wednesday and Worth Casing Wednesday.


  1. I wear mine a lot as you have it pictured in photo #3! I have heard it called the pretzel scarf! I love the way where it drapes over your back.

  2. I only have the one way for styling scarves, so I really must get more adventurous.

  3. Very nice inspiration. I'm pretty boring with my scarves too!

  4. That is such a nice scarf, lovely print and I really like it belted! :)

    I need to be more original when I wear scarves now we are coming into winter - I tend to wear them all in a very similar way, not a lot of variety.

  5. I love wearing scarves, but I'm hopeless at tying new knots. I've probably got half a dozen faves. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I'm a bit fond of a draped loop that I feed back through itself and pull bits back out. I have no idea what to call it!


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