Monday, June 9, 2014

Love My Body Programme

I recently discovered the lovely Rebecca through our local community newsletter. She offered a Love My Body programme-  an individualised, email based, lifestyle programme that helps achieve your body goals sustainably through weekly feedback and advice.

I was immediately drawn to this as it was email based, meaning that I didn't have to go anywhere for the appointments, and I also got support through youtube videos and messages.

There are a few different package options to choose from. I chose the six week package as I just needed some motivation and encouragement before the 10k race on the first of June. I knew I was eating too many biscuits, and it was good to be held accountable.

Rebecca was great at touching base every week to see how I was getting on, as well as providing exercise ideas, recipes and working on my own goals and dreams.

I actually have noticed a change after these six weeks- I guess I can tell myself that something is bad for me, whether it be too much sugar or a negative mindset, but when someone else shows you how to change things it can be quite liberating. I also discovered how much of a workout yoga can be!

I also found it great to take time out every week to focus on me and my goals. I never felt like I was struggling, and I have come away with some new meal and snack ideas that the whole family love as well. No shakes, pills, expensive workout equipment- this is a programme that is designed to fit in with your lifestyle.

So- on to the results. My main focus for this six week package was not about weight loss, but more about figuring out the best nutrition for my body. However, I will still pleasantly surprised at some of the results! I did not take before and after photos, but we did keep track of measurements.

Fat free mass35.1kg36.5kg1.4kg
Fat loss  2.2kg
Body fat Percentage30%26%4%
Resting metabolic rate1129kcal1164kcal35kcal
Total measurement380cm353cm27cm

Usually I only focus on the scale- so to see how much my body changed without having too much difference in weight has made me realise something.

I know it sounds cheesy but it is true! So often I have let the number on the scale dictate my mood for the day. Now I have to remember:

If you want to try out the Love My Body programme, you can check out the Facebook page or website.

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