Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Need a Nibble?

Nibblish is a great idea to make snacking easy for those of us who want the right combination of good fats, protein and energy after work, the gym or even as a 3pm pick-me-up. Nibblish make healthy snacks more interesting, fresher and easier for busy people who love their food. With the help of a top nutritionist they have developed an amazing range with the perfect blend of ingredients in every snack. Even better, the parenting couple behind Nibblish are based in New Zealand and understand the importance of convenience and nutrition rolled into one.

Each week, Nibblish sends me a box with four pre-packaged snacks featuring baked dried fruit, nuts, seeds, dark chocolate and other goodies. You get to rate the snacks you receive, or change your preferences based on dietary needs or taste, so that each Nibblish box will be full of yummy nibbles. You also get a nutritional information panel for each compartment, so that you know exactly what you are eating. 

Here are some of the flavour combinations I have received so far.

CopocobanaBrazil Nuts, Hazelnuts, Raisins and Dark Chocolate. A standard mix that was great eaten with a cold drink in the afternoon. I really enjoyed the taste of the raisins and there were no surprises with this one. This would suit a lot of different food preference and age groups.

FlorentinePumpkin Seeds, Cherries, Walnuts and Dark Chocolate. Now this I could eat every day! The decadent dried cherries were a tastebud explosion, and I loved the crunch from the seeds. The chocolate pieces were enough to satisfy my sweet tooth and the nuts are always a good choice when paired with seeds and dried fruit.

Chilli Lime BitesChilli Lime Cashews, Blanched Almonds, Red Skinned Peanuts and Pistachio Kernels.My three year old absolutely loved the cashews, as did I. This was a delicious combination that worked well on a hot, sticky day.

Midnight MintCashews, Mint Raisins and Dark Chocolate. I love mint anything, and while it did take some getting used to as I would expect the mint flavour from the chocolate, not the raisins, the aftertaste was very pleasant and I enjoyed this as a late night snack with my TV watching. 

Pina ColadaNatural Pineapple, Walnuts and Coconut Flakes. I did something a bit different with this mixture and added it to my overnight oats. It gave my breakfast a real tropical punch and was a great way to start the day. The pineapple was delicious!

Berry CocktailCherry, Apple Strawberry Bites, Orange Raisins and Orange Infused Cranberries. I loved the fruit bites in this mix, but the orange flavoured dried fruits weren't my cup of tea. My boys really enjoyed this mix though, and so I don't mind them having it as a snack or on top of yoghurt. 

Lemon Lime InfusionPineapple, Lime Raisins, Natural Apple and Lemon Raisins. I really liked the pineapple in this mix, but once again the different flavoured raisins threw me off. I have decided that citrus flavours aren't for me, I prefer tropical and berry flavours. 

Moroccan DelightMoroccan Cashews, Dates and Coconut Flakes. This was a surprisingly sweet combination, lovely and sticky and somewhat decadent. It was a real delight, and I hope to get this one again soon. 

Orange CrushOrange Raisins, Orange Cranberry and Dark Chocolate. These orange flavoured fruits feature again in this mix, however I found this mixture to be less intense than the other two as the chocolate rounded it off nicely. 

If this idea looks like something you would like to try for yourself, use code RC-85-412 to get your first box for just $3.50! That is 65% off with free shipping included for four delicious snacks. 

Please note: I was not compensated in any way for this post. If I find a product or service I love, I just want to share it with my readers, and this was the case with my Nibblish subscription.

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