Thursday, December 24, 2015

DAREcember Week 3

Three weeks into the Fox In Flats Style Dare and I am managing to play along most days. My wardrobe choice is still slightly restricted due to my leg and surgery, but yesterday was my six week follow up and everything is looking good. 

She's A Lady- this prompt made me think of pearls so I got out a peal strand I got as a gift from my Dad a few years ago.

Neck Party- I wore the same pearl strand but doubled it up and added this fun necklace made by the talented Miriam.

In the Navy- Navy and blue are two of my wardrobe staples, so this one was easy! I added a button up sleevless blouse to navy denim pants, and finished off with some Navy suede boots.

Safari- I think this was my favourite outfit of the week. I took this dress (with a nude slip underneath) and added a tan belt and shoes. This was so comfortable on my post-surgery body, and kept me cool through a school prizegiving and birthday BBQ.

Foxy Flats saw me trying out my new Mox Grape shoes as we put up the Christmas tree.

I Forgot I Had This.... chiffon black top with a bit of bling. It was so hot here today, so I slipped on some canvas jandals to keep cool.

White Haute and what a change in weather- my plan of a dress went out the window due to rain so I put on these white pants with a Decjuba top and a huge gold necklace.

I will share the last round of Style prompts next week. In the meantime, I hope you all have a great Christmas and enjoy the festivities!

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