Wednesday, December 16, 2015

DAREcember Week 2

Week 2 has been a lot of fun with the DAREcember challenge, even though an unexpected event has led to some restyling on my part!

Swishy- this skirt from Boohoo is super swishy and the tassle necklace also adds a level of swish!

My Tuck ' Roll outfit was rolled up boyfriend jeans and a knotted white top for a playgroup Christmas party on Wednesday.

Not quite a  New 'Do, but I have been unable to tie my hair back for a while and now it is long enough for me to get it in a ponytail again! I am in two minds about growing it as I do like the shorter length, but I also like being able to tie my hair back although it tends to go everywhere by the end of the day! If anyone has some styling products that work with fine, oily hair I would love to know.

My Vintage touch for Friday were these pearls. I wore these to my son's school craft session and got lots of compliments- I should wear pearls more often!

Unfortunately for Saturday, Killer Heels did not happen as I ended up at the hospital with a labral tear in my groin. Crutches for the next few weeks means that flats are the only option!

Orange Kisses brightened up my day, even through the pain and tiredness a bright swipe of lippy always makes me feel ready to face the world. This is a subtle coral orange from the Mary Kay range, and was an exclusive colour for guests at a recent product launch.

My Print Mix plan changed as Monday dawned with no energy, so my boyfriend jeans were paired with leopard flats and my hospital notes plus bits and pieces were carried around in this fun mixed print tote bag.

There you have it, another week of challenges completed, albeit not my first plans after my leg decided to add more stress to the holiday season! I still plan to continue these challenges though, as otherwise I would end up in my pajamas a lot of the time as I am also still recovering from my surgery a month ago. Thanks to Andrea for hosting this style challenge!

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