Monday, December 21, 2015

My favourite Christmas ornaments

I love decorating the tree each year, and some of the ornaments I hang on my tree have real sentimental value. Today I would like to share some of my favourite Christmas ornaments with you, and I would love to hear any stories of your own favourite ornaments!

First up is this adorable owl from Stitchaholic, complete with a candy cane holder! I have two of these on my tree and I think the chevron pattern is adorable.

We each choose a new ornament for the tree each year, and my 6 year old chose this train last week. I think it was a very good choice, as it is so shiny and it is his favourite colour too. It also matches the other red and gold train ornaments I have on the tree- our theme next year might end up being trains!

This little apple ornament was from my days as a Brownie. In 1990, I was presented with this apple at my last Brownie camp of the year, and I still hang it on my tree each December.

Lucas made me this red glitter ornament last year on his last day of preschool, and he was very excited to find it in the box and put it on the tree. He kept reminding me that he had made it- seeing him so proud of his creation means that this will be going on our tree each year.

Another new favourite is this cute hand print tree that my 3 year old made at his preschool- which we only found yesterday in his bag and immediately got placed on the tree. I love that he did it in gold and red, my two favourite Christmas Tree decoration colours, and he is also very proud of his creartion.

These ornaments are a mixture of handmade and store bought, old and new, but each one brings a smile to my face.

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