Friday, February 13, 2015

Virtual Book Club For Kids (Dr Seuss)

Today's blog post is all about my favourite Dr Seuss book in conjunction with The Virtual Kids Book Club!

My boys love reading One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish and all of the animals mentioned within the different pages.

Of course, one of the main characters is a fish, and so my 5 year old crated some handprint fish art. We painted some cardstock with blue paint, then put our hands into red paint and stamped them down to create two fish. Lucas thought it would be a good idea to add some seaweed and bubbles too!

We also had a yummy fish inspired lunch! I cut a circle and a shape out of bread, then layered with ham and cheese. I used a mini marshmallow and a raisin for the eye, and grapes for the mouth. Some cheese tubes became bubbles.

Be sure to visit the Virtual Kids Book Club Facebook page to see how others have been inspired by Dr Seuss.

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  1. My girls loved Dr Seuss when they were little, they are more into Harry Potter and Twilight and who knows what else these days. My youngest started high school this year and I'm finding it hard to believe.


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