Saturday, February 21, 2015

Boohoo Fit- Fashionable Fitness

I always find it easier to exercise if I am inspired by my workout clothes, and so when I saw the new Boohoo Fit range I was very excited to see what they had to offer.

Mystery Case is also hosting the Fit Fashion Finds challenge, so this was a perfect opportunity to take part in her challenge and try out some new exercise gear at the same time!

My main needs for workout fashion are coverage, stretch and compatiblity with all types of weather. I quite often run outdoors, so layering pieces in fabrics that will keep me warm or cool are a must.

I decided to try out the Vicky Zip Through Bomber (on sale now!) and matching Loren Sports Legging.

The best time for me to test these out was during a run and stretch at a nearby park. I am just getting back into exercise after surgery, and so I need to take it easy.

These leggings are perfect for light workouts. They keep my lower half cool and do not constrict my movements. The panel adds enough interest without being boring or too over the top, and the shades of blue look great and go with my existing workout gear.

This jacket goes well with the Loren Boohoo Fit leggings, but also works well with jeans or black pants as an extra layer to wear in the cooler weather. The sleeves and body of the jacket are the perfect length for me, and it keeps me warm without being too heavy. It wears well, and I can put it in my bag to pull out after a workout without worrying about it wrinkling.

Isn't this print fun?

It is pretty hard to get a good photo of me running, but these leggings were perfect for the slightly overcast day. The move with my body and do not give me a muffin top or cause me to wriggle around every five minutes trying to get comfortable.

After a run, it is back on with the Vicky Jacket. I love matchy matchy items, so this is my happy place!

The wide waistband on the Loren Print Leggings means that I get a comfortable fit, and it keeps my tummy at bay!

These items are so comfortable that I could stay in them all day. They fit my body so well, and when I do take them off they wash beautifully. I have washed these leggings three times since I got them and they have had no colour fade at all.

I am wearing a generic workout top in these shoots, as when I first looked at the Boohoo Fit range they only had crop tops or racerback tops, both of which are not my cup of tea when working out. However, I see that they now have a Breathable Sports T-Shirt, so I know what my next purchase is!

If you love Fit Fashion Finds, be sure to check out the Boohoo Fit range as they are affordable, fashionable and functional.


  1. Love this and super impressed you are back into running after your surgery.

    Only online briefly but looking forward to featuring you next week.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I really need some new workout clothes. I love how these match and the patterns aren't too over the top. I hate when the clothes restrict you too, so its good to know its comfortable while running.

  3. Very cute workout gear! I've popped over and had a look at Boohoo Fit - reasonably priced I'm pleased to see! Bookmarked now and will return :-)

  4. I love Boohoo and these pieces look great on you!

  5. Matchy matchy perfection! You look fantastic and those items really suit you. Love the jacket in particular - so pretty!

  6. Adorable! I love matchy things, too. These look so comfy! Thank you for sharing this at Motivational Monday! We'd love to have you back on Sunday at 6pm. Hope your weekend is going great! :)


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