Thursday, February 26, 2015

Checking Out the Zoo

My family and I were lucky enough to spend a day at Orana Wildlife Park a couple of weekends ago to celebrate my nephew's birthday. I haven't been for over a year- my sister had her wedding here but my boys have only seem brief glimpses of the park.

First stop was the new playground and flying fox!

Feeding the giraffes was a real close up experience, as you can tell! I love that this is included in your park entry, although be sure to line up early. It is hard to get a good photo due to the amount of people on the platform, but my giraffe was happy to see me with leaves in my hand.

I love to see the zebras, and I even colour coordinated with them.

The meerkats were cute, and took turns keeping guard high up on a rock. The boys thought they would be bigger in real life, but still said they were cool.

We got right up the front to see the tiger feeding, and the zookeeper was a fantastic spokesperson for how these animals are treated in the wild. It really was an informative speech and we all learnt a few new things about tigers. I remember taking photos with this tiger at my sister's wedding, so it was nice to see that it still likes getting in the water and is so photogenic, even when waiting for the meat to be thrown into the enclosure!

Of course, the zoo is a big day for the littlies, and so someone was tired out at the end of the day!

If you are in Christchurch as a visitor, or live in Christchurch and haven't been to Orana Wildlife Park recently, it is well worth a visit- especially as they have a new baby rhino!


  1. That photo of the giraffe is such a good shot! We have a zoo membership and haven't gone since Halloween... it has been TOO cold! I can't wait for it to warm up next month so we can go during Spring break!

  2. Oh wow that looks like an amazing Zoo to visit!

    For my sister's birthday we went to Australia Zoo and fed the giraffes, but it was an extra cost on top of the normal park entry. Was really fun though! :) How great your kids got to do that! My son was still in my belly at the time, ha!

    Away From The Blue


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