Monday, April 8, 2013

Stuck On You- A Preschooler's Pack and a Giveaway!

My three year old boy has recently started Preschool and along with the tears (sad), the paintings (so many!) and the scuffed shoes (one of the sandpit hazards), one of the biggest issues has been labelling all of his items. Everything that goes to Preschool with him has to have his name on it, and I was finding that vivid would just come off his lunchbox and also leave a mark on his skin if I used it to label his clothes.

Enter Stuck On You- a great web based company that does personalised labels and gifts. I have heard great things about the labels and was keen to use them. Lucas was pretty excited to get something in the mail for him!

I was asked to review the 0-5 pack, which consists of name labels, shoe labels, clothing labels and a bag tag. I also received a very cute Personalised Bib for my younger son Adam.

The first pack I opened was the shoe labels, as my son just got new shoes. I really like how each sheet has five different colour options, so you can match the sticker to the shoe if you are like me and want to be colour coordinated.

The labels are still stuck down and look good a week and a half later, even with my son putting dirt, sand and rocks in his shoes and running around with them on. These labels are fantastic for Preschool, as shoes come on and off all day there and I always see signs about missing shoes. These labels ensure that teachers and parents know whose shoes are lying around!
The name labels are another great item- Lucas' lunchbox and bag were labelled on the inside but that wasn't very helpful for the teachers and I also wanted Lucas' name to stand out so that he could recognise his lunchbox. Once again, the choice of colours for each label was really appreciated and I was able to match all of Lucas' lunch items together. The labels hold up to both hand washing and being put in the dishwasher, so I am not constantly rewriting his name.

The bag tag got a thumbs up from both me and Lucas, who said it was "good" and then proceeded to be a frog for the rest of the morning! Yet another item to make life easier, and I can see both of these labels being great for households with multiple children.

The clothing labels were pulled out before Preschool on Thursday morning, as Lucas needed a jersey to wear and I hadn't labelled any of his jerseys yet. However, I knew that it would come off during the course of the day as the weather warmed up, so on went a label. The instructions are so easy to follow- even my husband could do it!


Once again, I was really impressed at the quality and the labels seem to be on there for good as despite numerous attempts by Lucas to unpeel it, it is still stuck on. The labels have gone on to hats, jerseys, pants and even a polarfleece jacket with no problems at all.

Lastly, I tried out the bib this weekend when we were having a very messy lunch. The first thing I noticed about the bib was how stretchy it was, especially around the neck area. It has a lovely feel to it and is so soft. It held up really well to tomato puree, cheese and water. This would make a fantastic gift for a baby, as it is a great length and will stretch to fit. There are some great boy and girl designs. Adam really liked his bib as well!

Overall, I am really impressed at how easy Stuck On You has made it to label my son's items and clothing. Lucas gets a real kick out of choosing a coloured label to use when we need to put his name on something, and the clothing labels are wonderful for those items of clothes that I know will be taken on and off at Preschool. The shoe labels impressed me the most, as shoes are not easy to label so this is a great way to make sure Lucas doesn't lose his shoes.

Stuck On You has very nicely given me one 0-5 pack to give away for one lucky reader! To enter the draw, just leave a comment below telling me which design you would choose and why. A winner will be drawn on the 12th April.

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  1. Definately the butterflys - Miss Charlotte is obsessed with her "appilyies" :P they look so cool!

  2. The giraffe is pretty cool and not will grow with the child, not too babyish and not too grown up

  3. Love them! Would have to go with the little Fairy holding the star wand for my Stella...would be great for her future preschool days!

  4. What a good idea never knew these were about my would have the football as he loves the sport and what a great idea shoe labels as I really do fine these the hardest thing to name let alone last.

  5. Thanks for the chance to win :-) Mr Mischief is a fan of dinosaurs at the moment so that would be the design I'd choose :-)

  6. This would be very handy with little miss starting school shortly! would have to go with the pink elephant... her favourite colour and animal :-)


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