Monday, March 11, 2013

Saying Goodbye....

This week I lost a very special person in my life, my Nana. I am so glad I got to see her in her final days and tell her how much she meant to me and my family. There are some special moments I will cherish, such as when my son squealed and she opened her eyes and said his name, or when my other son said she must have had a lot of birthday parties and wondered if she had dinosaurs at her parties! I just thought I would share some special memories I have.

Nana will always be remembered for her hugs, the twinkle in her eye and of course her whitebait patties! We all have such fond memories of the moments we had with her.


As I have grown up, she has seen me get married and became Special Nana to Lucas and Adam.

I will always have fond memories of sneaking into her bed for morning cuddles, and holidays in Kaikoura with the caravan. More recently, seeing Lucas go for a ride wirh his Special Nana on the mobility scooter, and talking about Angry Birds, will be fun times remembered and cherished. The chance for Adam to see his Special Nana twice is such a blessing, and we are all sad to have to say goodbye.



Nana was always so generous and patient, and she always remembered what was happening in our lives. We had great times playing Skip-Bo, cooking, and playing at her house in Waimangaroa. Nana had a great sense of humour and still joked about things, even when she was unwell.

We love our Nana and Special Nana very much, and she will be missed and remembered as the small lady with the big heart.



  1. Lauren, what a beautiful post about your Nana. SHe sounds like a wonderful woman. *hugs*

  2. That's really nice Lauren. I'm sorry you lost your Nana. Mine were such a huge part of my life and will never be forgotten so I can relate however could not put into words as well as you have, I really enjoyed reading that.

  3. What a great blog Lauren, I know what it is like to lose your Grandparents and think of mine regularly. I could not put my feelings into words like you have so well. I really enjoyed reading that.



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