Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Cake Pop tips.

My friend is getting married next weekend and so we had a dessert potluck evening for her. My sister had recently bought me a Cake Pop Maker and so I was excited to try it out! I thought I would share a few of the tips and tricks I learnt along the way.

I started with a standard vanilla cake mix and put one heaped tablespoon of the batter into each mold. The machine works like a waffle iron or donut maker, in that it cooks and shapes the cake pops at the same time, which is very handy if you are pressed for time!

I popped them out after four minutes and left them to cool on a wire rack. Then I stuck some bamboo sticks into melted white chocolate and stuck them into the bottom of each cake pop. This helps the pop to stay on the stick so that it doesn't fall off in the coating or when you are displaying them.

Once the chocolate had hardened, I melted thre batches of white chocolate melts. One I left white, and the other two I coloured pink and yellow. Be very careful at this step and only add a drop at a time, as if you add too much food colouring the chocolate will seize.

Carefully coat each cake pop in the melted chocolate mixture and then stand upright to harden. I used the styrofam packaging from the cake pop maker to keep my cake pops upright! I just pushed the stick into the styrofoam. Add your choice of decorations after 30 seconds or a minute, as that way the chocolate has started to harden and the decoratios won't just slide off. I used sliver cachous, coloured sprinkles and love heart shaped sprinkles.

The last hurdle was figuring out how to display them. My mason jars didn't work, other jars were too deep or too shallow, and I was stressing out. I finally came up with the idea of toilet rolls to hold them up. I prettied them up a bit with silver wrapping paper, then clung them together with clingwrap and disguised it with a silver bow.


You can see my toilet roll display- I will have to figure out something else for my next round of cake pops but it worked well when I was in a hurry.

Here they are on the dessert table.

Overall they were fun to make, and after a few hiccups they were a lot easier than I expected. I can't wait to make Easter Cake Pops with my son this weekend! I am sure I will get a lot better with more experience, and I have started up a Cake Pops Pinterest board for inspiration.
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  1. They turned out pretty cute! Much neater then mine ever do; I always end up with a drippy mess!

  2. Wow, these look fabulous, Lauren. Thanks for stopping past my blog. I look forward to seeing your Pool Party and Real Red creation!

  3. Love your tips and I love what you came up with to display them! Very clever!
    Thanks so much for linking up at my Real Family Fun link party. I hope to see you again next week.

  4. These look fantastic! Yum Lindsey x


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