Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Fitness Inspiration

If you are on Pinterest, you probably see them all the time. Pictures of super fit women, usually running up a mountain or doing some sort of exercise, with inspirational quotes written on them.


I used to look at those pictures and think- I will never look like that. I like my baking too much!

However, upon reading some blogs I came across Mama Laughlin. She is not a model, professional athlete or personal trainer. She is a mother and a real women. She has been inspiring me lots over the past few months and her latest post about her arm workout really spoke to me. Ecen though I am at my goal weight, I could definitely use some toning up and I think this arm workout is completely realistic for me to do. I tend to go all or nothing when it comes to training, so this will be my goal for the upcoming week- to do Mama Laughin's arm workout. It even comes with video tutorials!

I am still currently maintaining at my goal weight even though I have been baking up a storm- the walking to and from preschool is really helping as it adds up to an extra 80 minutes of walking per week that I wouldn't be doing otherwise. My two sons enjoy the fresh air too.

I really love it when I come across inspiring real women, such as all of the lovely ladies at Getting Fit Friday! It is great to see so many people coming together, and it would be great if you would join us to share your recipes, goals and workouts.

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout girl! You rock!
    Get you some guns!!


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