Friday, January 16, 2015

Travellin' Light

I am soon to head off for a week's summer holiday, and have been trying to figure out what to pack. I want to pack a small amount, but where I am heading it can be hot yet pouring with rain, so I have to work with variable weather conditions!

As per my Pinterest Resolutions, I wanted to create a capsule wardrobe with minimal fuss.

Here is what I packed (excluding underwear, pajamas, running gear and a pair of togs). 3 dresses, 2 cardigans, four tops, two skirts, two shorts, four pairs of shoes and four jewellery sets.

I have worked out 24 combos- more than enough to get me through seven days, weather changes and activities! My days will be varied between walking, swimming, being on a boat, wine trails, speedway racing and going out for diner, so I also need a mix of casual and dressy outfits. I am sure there are more that 24 combinations possible when you take into account change of shoes, jewellery and adding one of the tops, but these are the combinations I am planning to wear for different occasions.

This is my first time trying flat lays- but I have discovered that they can be extremely helpful when planning outfits!

My maxi is paired with gold, with or without a drape bolero. My basic monochrome outfit is my black blouse, patterned black and white skirt, and black accessories.

My monochrome outfit can be glammed up with a chunky necklace and heels, or dressed up with my bolero and gold accents. Going back to basics I can pair it with my white blouse instead of black.

Black and white can also be changed by layering with a black bolero or my grey cardigan. Then I can add colour interest with my green t-shirt and bold green jewellery.

This top goes well with my other bottom options; the patterned skirt, denim shorts and beige cargoes.

This blue tank can work with either my cargoes or the coloured skirt, keeping with the blue accessories. My cargoes will also go with the white top and gold jewellery for when it gets really hot!

This top will keep me cool with the patterned skirt, either with gold or blue accents. I can also pair it with the denim shorts for a casual look.

Back to basics with my black top, black accessories and cargo pants, or with my denim shorts. Onto my grey dress, I will keep it simple with black shoes and let my necklace be the focal point.

This dress can be worn casually, but I am planning to wear it out for heels for a large dinner we have planned. If we end up going out another night to somewhere fancy, my grey dress will be fancied up with my bolero, statement necklace and heels.

If you still need more inspiration, the lovely Nikki has also written a great guide to packing clothes for a holiday. I took on board her suggestions of going monochrome with pops of colour, considering my activities, packing some active wear and checking the weather. Thanks Nikki!

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  1. I just love planning out outfits for trips! I love how you took a photo of each outfit and different ways to wear it. Have fun!

  2. Flatlays of all outfit combinations is such a great way to go Lauren. Enjoy your holiday!

  3. Wow - can you pack for me when I go away?!! Love your system and love all your choices. That patterned skirt is so lovely.

  4. ohhh, I love the flat lays, I often do them to remind myself of outfit posts I want to do in blogs, but for packing light it is a smart idea too :D Thanks for stopping by my blog too :D x


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