Monday, January 12, 2015

Pinterest Resolutions Update III

Time to reflect back on my Pinterest Resolution goals for the second half on 2014, and how well I fared.

Making a cow cake proved easier than expected, as I ended up only doing a single layer cake, but the results were exactly what I wanted.

I have ended up with a cleaning schedule that works for me, it is fantastic and I have found it easier than expected. The only hurdles are the big Saturday cleans, as during summer I don't want to be inside cleaning, but overall this system is working very well for us. With a new washing machine and oven installed this week as well, it looks set to be even less of a chore to do the washing and kitchen cleaning.

I also did a pretty thorough job of organising my medicines, and this system has been in place since June.

I am still only doing 10k runs, but I did the Summer Starter event recently and still go for a run with my running group every Saturday, as well as signing up for a few events this year such as the Color Run. My plan to run a half marathon may have been a little ambitious, as my hip specialist raised concerns about the stress I would be placing on my body, and so for now I will stick to my current levels of exercise. I am tempted to do St Clair in May, but will see how things pan out training wise as well as financially.

The boys benefited from some of my resolutions as well, with Snowman Week being a hit! We got to experiment with ice, have some fun snow themed snacks, and we even made snowmen to put on our windows.

The 30 Day Mum Challenge was another great way for me to connect with my boys, and I stuck through it all through November.

The only resolution that did not happen was hosting a cookie exchange, due to time commitments in December. The holiday season just got too busy and a lot of my friends had their own plans, but I did have fun making cookies to give to the neighbours!

Come back tomorrow, when I will be sharing my Pinterest Resolutions for January to April 2015.

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