Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Virtual Book Club For Kids (Denise Fleming)

This month, we read lots of books by Denise Fleming as part of the Virtual Book Club for Kids. Lucas seemed most interested in Beetle Bop.

This book reminded me of the Beetle game I used to play as a child, and so after a quick trip to the store, we were ready to play a fun game and learn about beetle body parts!

Lucas had a practice with the red bug to see how the beetle was pout together, and we discussed all the different body parts as we went.

Then it was time to spin the spinner and put a beetle together! Lucas wanted his to be a rainbow beetle. As well as learning about the body parts, this game was also great for fine motor skills, vocabulary and learning to take turns.

Lucas won the first round, and was very excited about his rainbow beetle. I can see this game becoming a firm favourite, as he was happy to put all the remaining beetles together after we had played the game.

I would love to know which games you remember from your childhood, as I am constantly on the lookout for ideas. Do you remember Beetle from your childhood?


  1. I absolutely LOVE virtual book clubs and enjoyed reading about this book in the series.

  2. I must check out the virtual book club - we LOVE books in our house. We play Trouble alot in our house, along with Snap, Fish, Battleships and also Beetle. The hubby and I own an old set of The Game of Life - so many memories from childhood with that one!


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