Monday, April 7, 2014

Cowgirl Hen's Night

My sister recently got married, and I threw her a Cowgirl themed Hen's night to celebrate!

Guests were greeted at the door with a sign to set the theme for the evening:

We also had a matching banner to reiterate the theme and colour scheme.

First on the agenda was some Western cupcake decorating, provided by Taryn at Butterfingers. We made a cactus, a horse, a cowboy hat and a sheriff's badge cupcake, and so we each got to take home four cupcakes.

The food and table d├ęcor was simple since we planned to have dinner out.

A mix of sweet and savoury nibbles, and the chocolate moustaches were a hit!

Of course, we had to play games. I have linked to other sites where appropriate.

First up was Who Has The Groom. I stamped a whole lot of envelopes with this title, and then out a different famous person inside each envelope.

One envelope held the groom, and whoever had the groom got the prize.

For the next game, I cut out a whole lot of dresses and moustaches from the Crucit and attached them to Popsicle sticks.

I read out some questions I had emailed the couple, along with an answer, and the guests had to guess if it was Juliet or her fiancee who had given the answer. If they thought the answer was Juliet's, they held up the dress, and if they thought her fiancee had answered the question, they held up the moustache. If they thought that both Juliet and her fiancee had given the same answer, they held up both the dress and the moustache.

The Guess The Dress game was lent to me from my friend's sister after her Hen's night, so it was easy to set up. Each guest had to guess who belonged to the wedding dress.

We finished up with Pin the Moustache on the Cowboy.

Each winner won a "loot bag" with a Western themed notepad, a bag of Western shaped lollies, and a massage voucher.

One other fun thing we had was a photo session, where people had to get a Polaroid photo in the Cowgirl Poster.

The Polaroid was then put into a scrapbook album I had put together, and everyone wrote a message for Juliet.

Once we had finished up the games, it was time to head off on our Search For The Sheriff Scavenger Hunt! This was based around landmarks in our town with a Country and Western theme. We had some clues, and  each team had to figure out the riddles and take photos of themselves at each location before ending up at the restaurant for dinner. Here is the full set of clues if you need some inspiration.

Search for the Sheriff:
The Sherriff is hiding, he’s somewhere in town
It’s your job to read clues and hunt him down.

Christchurch has a transport station
That is near a tall object, used for hydration,
The liquid they needed for drinks or a shower
Is held up high within the concrete tower

The Sherriff is busy locking up the bad
In Addington where there’s no fun to be had.
Some Western cowboys were really quite vile
They broke the law and stayed here until their trial.

Both Sherriff and cowboys need a strong drink
But where would you put your equine do you think?
Especially when you’re on a Terrace in town
And need a post by a lamp to hitch your horses down.

Cards and dice were plentiful here
You could easily make money and drink disappear
Gambling was the way to test out their luck
Some would win big, others left with a buck
When the Sheriff couldn’t find a wanted man
A reward was offered and the hunt began
A poster would show the face of a deabdbeat
There was a “…..”  on their head - now go to this street.

The Sherriff is feeling quite peckish you see,
And Mexican food is his favourite tea
He knows some brothers who like to fly
Now you must join the Sherriff , come on, don’t be shy!

Once all the teams had arrived, they found the Sheriff waiting for them.

There was also another bag to prepare everyone for the evening ahead- loaded with some bubbles, a badge, and a dare card for them to give Juliet to complete.

After dinner, it was off to have some more fun! We went to a karaoke bar and had so much fun singing, laughing and enjoying ourselves.

Overall, everyone had a great night and I was so pleased with how everything turned out.

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  1. Looks like you went to a lot of trouble and had heaps of fun. We through a surprise wedding, basically had a beach engagement party and surprised everyone by getting married on the day, so no hens night or bucks do.


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