Friday, April 11, 2014

Pirate Treasure Hunt

Friday nights at our place are usually referred to as Family Fun Night. It is the end of the week and we all enjoy doing something together on a Friday night.

This Friday night, while the boys were getting cleaned up from dinner, a Pirate came to visit and left a few things on the table.

The note read-
Because you've been such a pleasure, look inside to find some treasure!
Five gold nuggets need to be found, where are they? Just look around!

Lucas looked inside the pirate hat, and found the first clue. He put on the pirate hat and read-
I know just where the first one went, it was left inside a tent.

Lucas was so excited to find some treasure!

But there was another clue-
The second nugget- here's a clue, it's nestled in your Mother's shoe!

The next clue read-
On to golden nugget three, this one's where your hat should be!

A look in his chest of drawers was enough to discover the golden nugget.

Tricky nugget number four, Is hiding behind a hallway door.

The last one hasn't gone too far, it's resting down by Dad's guitar.

The hunt's now over, it was fun, now share your gold with everyone!

Lucas did indeed share his pirate gold, and it was a great way to fill in the gap between dinner and bath time.

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