Saturday, April 12, 2014

Triple Threat- Scarves

Today I am linking up with the Triple Threat-Scarves.

I never used to be a scarf person, but now that I have to do preschool runs first thing in the morning, it can be quite chilly around my neck.

I have found that a scarf can be a perfect way to instantly add more excitement to an outfit. It can  lift my whole outfit when I am wearing jeans, a jersey and sneakers to do errands and run around after the kids.

My motto is- A little bit of glam in my SAHM!

I got this scarf as a gift from Amazon and I am in love with the ombre tones. Before this scarf I only had hand-knitted ones that were about ten years old, so this is definitely out of my comfort zone. However, i can see myself buying a lot more scarves as we head into winter!


  1. this scarf is so pretty! i love the 2 tones. it really does dress up an outfit so much to throw on a scarf.

  2. super cute! You can do so much with a neutral scarf like that. Thanks for linking up!


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