Friday, January 24, 2014

Lego City Birthday Party

My boy Lucas recently turned four, and the excitement was high for at least a month beforehand. He requested a Lego City birthday party, and his birthday wishlist was Lego, Lego and more Lego. I turned to the place I know has great party supplies- Sweet Pea Parties.

The first thing I did was create an invite. You can get Lego City invitations but I always like to create my own, so here is what I came up with using my digital scrapbooking software and a free Lego font from

I started off with the basics- Lego City decor for the table! Cups, plates and napkins were easy to find to match the theme. For everything else, I tied in the colours of blue, red and white to match the police car and firetrucks featured in the Lego City range.

One of the big things is food- and once again I went with the Lego theme as well as the red, white and blue colour scheme. My biggest gamble was making Lego Block Jelly as outlined in my previous blog post about things off Pinterest that I wanted to try out. To my surprise, it worked really well! All I did was put different jelly colours in Megablocks and left to set.


I also made lego blocks and Lego men out of silicone moulds using Yellow Candy Melts and Red Candy Melts. The yellow ones made cute Lego men, and I also used them to make my Lego Man Head Pops using the Wilton Lollipop Sticks, drawing on the faces with a green icing pen.

The red melts were great on the cake as well as the cupcakes, which I wrapped in the Indigo Baking Cups.

I also made Lego pizzas for something savoury to snack on.

We also served Cheerios with tomato sauce ( a must for any birthday party according to my husband), crackers with cheese circles cut to look like Lego blocks, mini savouries, red, blue and yellow M&Ms and some fruit salad cups.

The fruit salad cups were banana, strawberries and blueberries to match the theme colours and presented in the cute icecream cups with red spoons. The cutlery was contained in a special Lego box that Lucas made.

The kids ate at a separate table covered with a Blue Table Cloth to contain any spills or tomato sauce slops.

To keep the kids entertained while I prepped the food, I printed out some Lego Minifigures and the kids had fun colouring them in- even some of the adults had a go!

Of course, the most anticipated item at a birthday party is usually the cake, and this year was no exception. Lucas helped me to make my go-to chocolate cake recipe.

Using a silicone mould and a square cake tin, I made a Lego Man on top of a sheet cake to create a two layered cake.

The cake was made using Navy Blue, Ruby Red, and Yellow fondant, as well as some blue buttercream icing and homemade black modelling chocolate. The thing I loved most about the fondant was that it actually had a flavour to it- the red was yummy! I am not a cake decorating expert by any means but I was pleased with the end result- and Lucas loved his Lego Man cake. I stuck some candles on it and we were ready to go.

The guests each left with a Lego City goodie bag full of chocolate and a Lego City Notepad.

And yes, Lucas did get all the Lego that was on his wishlist thanks to generous family and friends!

For more ideas and instructions, please visit my Lego Birthday Party Pinterest board.

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  1. Wow, looks great! The lego themed food turned out really well. Must remember this party theme for my little guy's future birthdays.

  2. Love this! My almost-4-year-old is obsessed with Lego too, so I'm about to pin the heck outta this post! Looks like an awesome party.

  3. What an awesome party and so many great Lego ideas! LOVE those mega block jellies especially! Did you have to grease the inside of the blocks or did they just plop out without any assistance? x

    1. I did grease them with some rice bran oil spray. A few gentle whacks on the counter and they came out cleanly- I was a bit worried but they worked better than I hoped!

  4. I love those jelly blocks - sadly we have no mega blocks here but I am saving that idea for another time - so cool!

  5. I love using the duplo blocks as jello molds! Ours own't be heading to the boot (garage) sale next weekend now...and the pizzas are simple and effective! Great ideas for using items you already have!


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