Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 in review

As I sit here on New Years Day and take a moment to reflect on 2013, I feel so many emotions. This year has definitely had its ups and downs, and some of the things that life threw my way were completely unexpected.

I thought I would share some of the memories from my year- I love looking back at photos and remembering the moments.

January was a big birthday month for my Dad and so the whole family spent the weekend at Terrace Downs Resort.

February came along and meant that my boys were growing up, with Lucas' first day of preschool.

March was very sad as my Nana passed away. We spent some time in Westport with the extended family and explored the West Coast.

In April I attended the Bloggers Connecting conference- I hope there is another one this year! I had so much fun and met a lot of like-minded ladies.

May was Mother's Day- my two boys mean so much to me. We went to Halswell Domain for a free train ride on the Sunday.

Winter came to Christchurch in June, with lots of sleet and a little bit of snow.

My baby boy turned one on the 12th July, and we had an amazing Winter ONEderland themed party.

August saw me branch out into other forms of art, dabbling in crochet, glass etching and a cookie decorating class at The Make Café.

September was all about home improvements and making a start on our vegetable garden.

In October I celebrated my birthday- I am a twin so I always have to share the cake!

My sister got married in November, and I was thrilled to be her Matron of Honour.

December was Christmas of course, but I also had Lucas' fourth birthday. I will be sharing more details about his party next week- he had a blast and got very spoilt. He requested scrambled eggs on toast for his breakfast and insisted on wearing this crown all day.

I cannot wait to see what 2014 will bring for me and my family.

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