Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sorting out my Spices

I know I said I would focus on my Laundry first for the Spring Declutter, but the weather outside is not very pleasant and my Tupperware order arrived today. Therefore, I decided to makeover and clean out the herbs and spices area of my pantry.

Now, I am the first to admit I am a Tupperware-holic, and the majority of my pantry looks like this:

However, my spices are looked like this:

Not too bad, but the dark containers were hard to see into and they end up being put back in the wrong places. Armed with my new Modular Mates Spice Set Small, I got to work.

Some of my spices were over three years old and in cellophane packets, so those got chucked out immediately. I also had multiple packets and containers for some of my spices!

I found a whole lot of spices lurking under my shelves as well.

It was so nice to get everything sorted and put into the Modular Mates. I also wiped down all my pantry shelves and checked expiration dates in my fridge, pantry, and medicine cabinet as part of my Pinterest Resolutions Spring Cleaning Challenge.

Now I can see which spice is what, how much of each spice I have, and everything stacks together nicely! All of my Masterfoods spices come in containers that have a sealed top, so I left them as is but put them all in one of the racks to keep them together.

A small area to clean, but it has made a big difference.

I hope you will join us for the Spring Declutter- there is even a chance to win a Modular Mates Pantry Starter Kit! (And if you are wondering why on earth I would like to be in the draw to win the Tupperware when I already have lots, my sister is getting married soon and it would be the perfect wedding gift for her.)

Please note- I am not, nor have I ever been, a Tupperware Demonstrator. I paid full price for these items and it was just coincidence that they were delivered when I was inspired to declutter!


  1. I NEED those spice containers in my life!! I have the same silvery ones and I absolutely despise them, but until now, hadn't seen anything else I liked enough!!

  2. Oh go you!! Look at that! How brilliant. i love it. I hope you'll link up to the brand new decluttering linky, Lauren! x

  3. That looks great Lauren! Thanks for tagging me into your blogg. It's great to see the Tupperware in action. If you find anymore packets lurking around you know where to find me :) Feel free to pass my details on to anyone who need Tupperware!


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