Thursday, October 31, 2013

Our Halloween Activities

It has been a fun day here at our place. We don't traditionally celebrate Halloween by dressing up in costumes or doing trick or treating, but I still wanted to do a few fun activities for the boys.

When the boys came out for breakfast there was mummy bandage toast and ghost milk waiting for them.

Lucas was doing his best spooky face.

Lucas then went off to preschool- I made him a Halloween themed lunch but forgot to take a photo of it! He had a mandarin that I drew a pumpkin carving face on, which I thought was pretty cool.

After preschool we went to the library to get out some spooky stories. Then we got home and made some funny face biscuits using Superwine biscuits, some icing and The Natural Confectionery Company Lolly Disguises. Lucas loved choosing which funny feature to put on each biscuit.

We went to the local Light Party at 4pm. This was a great alternative to Halloween and we got to see a magic show, go on the bouncy castles, get face painting done and have an ice-cream.

Guess who wanted to be Spiderman?

Back home, we had pumpkin soup and pumpkin lantern quesadillas.

Finally, a reading of the spooky stories before bed.

Goodnight, my little monsters.

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