Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ninja Bake 2013

I have been busy today celebrating my birthday, but it has also been an exciting day due to the fact that I took part in The Sisterhood's Ninja Bake 2013.

I was assigned a few people to bake for, and also ninja-ed some others that I knew could use a pick me up. Friends with sick children and a couple with a pre-schooler and new baby were left a package, as well as people who I have never met before and know nothing about apart from their name.

My packages included Peanut Butter Cookies with Chocolate Filling, my brownie, and Rapberry Slice.

I wasn't seen by any of the recipients and it was so much fun giving to others on a day I would usually be stuffing myself with cake! Although I did go out for lunch and have cake anyway.

When I got home, I discovered I had been ninja-ed myself!

A great day, spreading the love and the message of The Sisterhood. It felt great to be on the receiving end too! I hope my packages put a smile on someone's face today.


  1. I love reading these stories! I wish I could have taken part. So neat that you were busy baking cakes for others on your own birthday :o)


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