Tuesday, July 12, 2016

You are Four

Adam, you came into the world four years ago today with your eyes wide open and full of wonder.

With your blond hair and big blue eyes, you had such a calm vibe about you and were a definite mummy's boy! There were issues with reflux, feeding problems and sickness, but through it all you battled through and showed me what a fighter you were. Seeing your big blue eyes look up at me made the long days worth it.

As you got older, your cheeky personality began to shine through. You loved noise- squealing, banging, yelling and thumping the floor were your ways of showing joy.

You made me laugh with your little quirks such as wearing boxes for hats and clipping pegs on your clothes!

Your love for your big brother is obvious, even though at times you can fight and get on each other's nerves. Just like any brothers, you have your moments, but I know how much you look up to him and how much he adores you.

Superheroes rate high on your list of favourite things, and you love to gt your face painted like Spiderman at any opportunity. Hulk is also one of your preferred superheroes since your favourite colour is green, and you know all of their superpowers and real names.

One thing I love is our coffee dates- you always request a fluffy and an egg sandwich, plus the lolly on the side of my latte!

Happy fourth birthday to our sweet little boy.

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