Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Snack Station for new mums

I have already talked about feeding a new mum for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but snacks for new mums are so important too.

I put together this snack station full of food that can be eaten on the go, with one hand and provide energy, sustenance and hydration.

Dole Fruit Cups are great for breakfast with cereal but also make a yummy snack when fruit is too hard to chop up! I also added some Dole Snackers nut clusters, which are delicious and provide energy. Popcorn is another favourite, and of course I had to have some Whittaker's Chocolate!

A few more of my favourite snack products made it in too- Annies Wiggle fruit bars, The Collective yoghurt suckies and Frooze Balls.

The finishing additions were some cans of sparkling flavoured water to keep up the fuid intake, and of course some home baking!

This basket provides some healthy, convenient and tasty snacking options for those quick moments between busy newborn duties.

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