Friday, July 1, 2016

Feeding a New Mum

Those newborn days can be a blur as you get to know your sweet baby. Eating nutritious and healthy meals is very important but may not be the easiest thing to organise with your new addition!

I found it so helpful to have meals given to me as a new mum, and so when my sister had her baby I knew I wanted to help her out too.

I decided to create some breakfast, lunch and dinner options on the go for quick, easy and healthy meals.

Below are the items I took around to her.

Her breakfast should be easier with this Paleo Granola and some fruit- I added pre-packed fruit so that there was no chopping or peeling required.

Lunch was a few of these pouch soups- I love them because some of the flavours are gluten free and all of them are delicious! I also added some rice cups to go with the dinners.

I had five dinners ready to go in these Glad containers, as well as a container of stir fry vegetables to go with the meatballs. The freezer meals are:

Five days worth of meals sorted for new parents- I know it is the kind of gift I would like to receive!

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