Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My Holiday Helper- A Magazine for Kids

I was sponsored by World News Group to review their God's Big World magazine and am excited to share my experience as well as an awesome giveaway!  All opinions are mine alone.

School holidays are in full swing here in New Zealand, and I am always looking for inspiration to keep my two boys entertained. It is hard to make learning relevant when the kids are busy exploring and creating, yet I wanted to be able to keep them focused and thinking throughout the holidays. This is where the World News Group magazine came in handy as my helper to get both myself and my children inspired through learning. There are three subscription options so that you can cater to any age group, and the activities and prompts throughout the book are aimed at different ages to make it easier on parents!

You can even browse a copy of this magazine for free.

We loved flicking through the pages to get some ideas, and the magazine did not disappoint. I was impressed with the bold photos and simple number listing, and the boys had lots of discussion about the different photos. Three different themes appealed to the boys- being a pilot, rockets and the ocean.

The magazine comes complete with an interactive web experience, where you can watch videos about different segments of the magazine. Here is a preview of what the youngest level magazine webpage looks like- the images and videos are very relevant and age appropriate, plus are just long enough to keep the attention of my two boys without them becoming bored or overwhelmed with information. This particular video even brought a smile to my face as the message and photos with the video were so positive.

After seeing this video, my boys were discussing what they would do if they could fly a plane. I planned a visit to our local Airforce Museum, where we could look at some planes up close.

The different types of planes on display kept the boys intrigued for a good hour, and there were even opportunities to experience sitting in a cargo plane and a lot of videos about war planes.

The highlight for the boys was the chance to sit in a Mosquito Simulator and have some hands on experience with flying a plane. We did not get as close to the real thing like in the Big World video, but the experience was still positive for the boys and they were amazed by all of the controls and knowledge needed to fly a plane.

When we got home, we even had some of the activities to complete in the magazine based on the pilot theme.

To further our flying theme, we also looked at the pages about rockets and space. The boys had chosen some rocket launchers from a craft store and so we talked about blasting off into space and all of the discoveries that have been happening recently as we made our very own rockets.

The ocean theme was another favourite with the boys. Look at the vibrant photos within the magazine- definitely an eye catcher for young and old alike.

Unfortunately our local aquarium has been demolished after the earthquakes, and so we had to think of other ways to learn about the ocean. The boys had fun doing a simple science experiment to create their own ocean in a bottle.

We used a bottle 2/3 full of cold water, added some blue food colouring then topped it up with oil.

My two were fascinated by the effect that the oil and water had together, as they wouldn't mix and created bubbles. It really did look like an ocean!

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