Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Frocktober Take 2!

Last year I participated in Frocktober, and this year I am also taking part. A major factor for this is due to my personal struggle with endometriosis, ovarian cysts and a rife of other issues, leading to my decision to have surgery at the end of October after undergoing a barrage of tests this year. While my issues are not related to ovarian cancer, I am at high risk for this in the future and a lot of my symptoms are the same as what women will experience who will later be diagnosed with this. I want to raise awareness of these symptoms, as I myself brushed them off as "female problems" for so long until I finally went to a specialist.

Instead of wearing a dress each day for 31 days, I have decided to have a Friday Frock Feature each week. This works in better with my active lifestyle, plus I haven't accumulated as many dresses this time around!

Here are some of my favourite looks from last year.

This Boohoo dress was perfect for a high tea to celebrate my 30th birthday.

Off to a school reunion dinner in this fun take on a LBD!

Navy is my favourite colour to wear, and this dress is comfy yet practical.

I hope that I can be inspired again this year, and I would love for you to consider sponsoring me to help raise funds for ovarian cancer research.


  1. That boho dress is so pretty on you! That LBD is so, so fun!


  2. Yay, I'm going to do as much as I can while running my style dare #mystyleoctober and experimenting with a capsule wardrobe. Should be interesting. Love that black dress. xx

  3. I love the pink trimmed LBD and the rose patterned dress is just divine! Welcome on board Team Kimba Likes for Frocktober!

  4. Good for you for sharing your journey Lauren. You look very gorgeous in all these dresses xxx


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