Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Candy Cane Gift Tags- Made by Kids!

My kids love to give presents to others, and part of that fun is wrapping the gifts. They are also very sensory, so I have found a way to combine the two to make a fun scented gift tag!

Firstly you will need some sort of To: From: image stamp, I am using this Sweet Salutations clear stamp set. A stamp means that you can create multiple and using black ink makes the image stand out when finished. Stamp the required amount of tags onto some white cardstock.

Now you need to make the candy cane marbling foam. To do this, mix shaving foam with peppermint essence and then add some drops of red food colouring.

Kids always get a kick out of adding colour to foam! Swirl it around until you have a marbled candy cane type pattern.

Place your cardstock face down into the foam, then place on plastic or scrap paper.

Wipe off excess foam with a damp cloth and leave to dry.

Now you can cut or punch out each individual tag to use on your Christmas presents.

Here is a completed tag on a wrapped gift. Such a cute handmade tag and it looks and smells like candy canes!

My boys loved making the foam as well as the gift tags, so you could just make the candy cane foam as a sensory activity. However, these tags require minimal effort and supplies, but kept the boys entertained for ages. A great craft idea for ages 2 and up, but please make sure that the foam does not get eaten and you may want to put plastic sheeting down as the red food colouring can stain.

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  1. This is WAY too cute. I love it! I thought it was real candy cane at first!


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