Monday, September 1, 2014

Kids Can Help- Father's Day Ideas

Here in New Zealand, we celebrate Father's Day on the first Sunday in September. That means that Father's Day falls on the 7th September this year. That is this Sunday...where did the time go?

I have been accumulating some ideas for gifts that my two boys can make for their Dad, and I thought I would share them with you. Malcolm- if you are reading this then look away!

1. First up, we always have a cooked breakfast on Sundays, so Father's Day will be a mega breakfast. I love this idea to make Dad pancakes using stencils and icing sugar. The boys are already whizzes in the kitchen, so at least I will have two helpers to make these.

2. Handmade gifts are great, but I find a lot of them aren't practical or just don't last. This toddler artwork t-shirt is cute but will also be used, which makes it a win in my book! Lucas and Adam will love drawing on t-shirts to do a great drawing for their Dad.

3. Every Dad deserves a special treat, and manly cupcakes with mustaches on top will do for dessert nicely. I have some chocolate mustache moulds already, so these should be a cinch to make. Once again, the boys will be able to help with most steps to these cupcakes, and Lucas already has the chocolate cupcake batter recipe memorised!

4. I think this book would be a great accompaniment to the t-shirt gift, as the boys love to read with Malcolm and we always tend to get a Father themed book for Father's Day.

5. Of course, we will need a card to go with the present, and this adorable monster hug card can be easily made with the help of the two boys. They have made similar hug cards in the past and loved them, so I am sure this card will be appreciated by all.

6. I can't forget my Dad and also my father-in-law, who sports a pretty awesome mustache. My two should enjoy picking out lots of candy to put in these lolly jars for their Granddads, and will probably end up getting some lollies for themselves too.

If you need some extra inspiration, be sure to check out my Gift Ideas board on Pinterest!

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