Thursday, August 28, 2014

Unlocking My Style

A few months ago whilst participating in a Wardrobe Wednesday challenge, I came across a lovely Australian blogger called Nikki from Styling You. She graciously answered my questions about tunics, ankle boots and skinny jeans, and I really loved each of her blog posts as there was always something I could take from it.

When I saw that she had written a book, I jumped online and ordered it on release day. To say I was excited to read it was an understatement- I have started becoming more interested in my appearance since the big 3-0 is looming, and I knew that Nikki's advice in the past had been spot on.

I really liked the style of writing, peppered with Nikki's own experiences, and I appreciated seeing some of her ideas on different body shapes throughout the book. This will definitely be referenced in the future as seasons and trends change, and I know that this book gave me the courage to step away from fads and look at my own needs. I now also have a great idea for a gift for the females in my life- this book would make a fantastic birthday, Christmas or just because present for any woman.

One of the big things was taking the leap to clearing my closet. Now, I do tend to go through things twice a year but Nikki had me be brutally honest with myself, and that meant taking everything out of my closet.

That leather jacket I got for free but never wore, yet was still holding on to since it was leather- gone. The floral pants that had seen better days but cost so much that I was reluctant to part with them- gone.I ended up with a very large pile of items to take to my clothes swap!

The end result was that I could see the back and floor of my closet- and my clothes were organised and ready to pull together as outfits that expressed my style.

I also underwent a beauty haul, and I must say it is thanks to Nikki that I now have a dedicated beauty routine. I had been putting skincare off as it is so expensive to get the brand that does not react with my skin, but there was a nudge in the right direction and now I am even using an eye cream.

Nikki had some great advice, and I am armed with a list of some items to buy next time I am at the mall, and also a few things that I will be looking out for on the weekend when I go to another clothes swap.

Make sure you check out the Styling You website for more wonderful ideas, tips and outfits, and join the online community to talk through any of your style questions.

This book was not gifted to me and all opinions are my own- I wanted to share this wonderful read!


  1. Love Nikki's book. I really need an extreme makeover after 18 months of hardly any exercise thanks to health issues but I'm slowly getting back on track and starting with my wardrobe.

  2. That is a phenomenal purge of clothes,. I should do that but keep holding onto stuff!!

  3. It feels so good to have a wardrobe purge every now and then and get rid of anything that you dont wear or you dont feel nice wearing! I have a rule if I buy anything new I have to take 2 things out of the wardrobe before I put it in so it doesnt get overcrowded!!


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