Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Fitness Finds

I am still trying to get back into my running after being off my foot for two weeks. Horrible weather, running buddies with injuries and work have all meant that my runs have been pushed to the side and I keep finding excuses. I am determined to go for a run tomorrow!

I have been trying to find some great transitional items I will need for the next few months as I have somehow agreed to train for a 50 kilometre run- all I can say is that I hadn't had much coffee that day and it seemed like a good idea in my tired state! I have put together some items that I hope to acquire soon to keep me on track and feel good while I am training.

First up- these awesome leggings from FitForever. I could probably hypnotise people with my backside as I run! They look really comfy with their wide waistband, and they come in other funky prints such as leopard print, skull print and watercolour.

As the weather gets hotter, I am really looking forward to getting myself one of these skirts.

These running skirts from The Running Skirts Shop come with compression shorts underneath, but there are also options with briefs or capri pants underneath. With their flat seams, pockets and sweatwicking fabric, these are stylish and comfortable. They also have heaps of colourful designs, and even do maternity skirts. 

Sorry about the close up- but these are amazing! Obviously not a close up of them on me either!

These Intimo briefs are the only bottoms I have found that stick to my curves without clinging. They do not budge under my leggings, and I avoid "hungry bum" syndrome. I have these in three different colours and am looking to get more as they bring them out in limited edition colours as well- currently the featured colour is Sunset.

I am probably the only runner who doesn't have a FitBit yet, so I putting this on my birthday wishlist!

I love the blue colour, and the Flex seems to be the option that would best fit my lifestyle. I have entered a few giveaways to win one of these, but no luck yet! It tracks sleep, distance, calories burned and allows you to set goals. I can sync the information with my computer, and it just seems like it is a gadget that will help me to stay motivated.

The last thing on my radar is one of these waistpockets.

I always struggle with where to put my keys, phone and coins when I am running, and now that the weather is warming up I won't be wearing my zippered vest. The running skirt has a pocket as well, so this option from Fly Active seems like it would be handy for the days when I am wearing leggings or shorts.

I hope this has given you a few ideas of things for your exercise wishlist as well! 


  1. I have been wanting to get a Fit Bit for some time now... I agree about finding briefs that are seamless and don't show a line under leggings, etc. A lot of my running skirts/shorts have a lining, so I don't need to wear anything else under them... but, none of my leggings do, so I always find the slimmest brief I can! VS has some pretty thin ones.

  2. Oh I think the tights are amazing!!!!

  3. I really need to invest in decent undies. Not sure I'm game to share my legs just yet. Go you and the 50 km run. I'm impressed.


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