Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Clothing for Kids

I tend to post about my fashion choices as a SAHM a lot, but I also love keeping up to date with the trends in children's clothing. I do admit, my kids love to pick their own clothes and more often than not they end up looking less than perfect, but it is so fun to let my boys have their own fashion sense. Why yes, camouflage pants with a navy and red striped top can go together according to a four year old!

I am absolutely in love with the new Summer range that will be hitting Pumpkin Patch stores soon. The sun is definitely shining a bit more, and already I am looking ahead to some great pieces for my boys that will live up to their rough and tough adventures over the spring and summer period. There is nothing worse than buying something that lasts five minutes, and Pumpkin Patch has done very well to survive in our household. Some Pumpkin Patch pants are on their third round of wear (thanks to two boys in my household plus a friend with a 5 year old boy who passes on clothing) and still look as good as new- super value for money!

How cute is the nautical theme?

Some of my favourite picks from the new boys range for my boys are listed below.

This t-shirt- I love the boat driving through the stripes to add such a visual pop. The pocket is cute as well, and I can imagine finding little treasures inside it when the boys have been out playing.

This hoodie looks so nice and warm for those cooler evenings, and the colourful effect of the print is really different to anything else I have seen on the boy's clothing market recently. That red piping also adds a great visual pop of colour.

Boys printed pants are hard to come by (unless they are camouflage) so I may have squealed in delight when I saw these shorts. I bet my youngest son would love them, and what a conversation starter they would be! I am so excited to get my hands on these.

Finally, every boy needs trackpants for preschool days, lazy Sundays and generally being a boy. Pumpkin Patch do have such lovely dressy clothes, but it is good to know that their staple clothing items are also hard-wearing and navy is such a practical colour.

There is also a great new range for the girls, so they don't miss out either with the nautical theme.

I would love to know your favourite item from the new range- I wish the girl's drapey top came in my size!

NB: This post is my own personal opinion- I was not reimbursed by Pumpkin Patch for this post. I just love their clothing!


  1. Those are really cute clothes, especially for the summer. We are all getting our photos taken on the beach in a couple of weeks and I need to figure out what we will all be wearing (don't want to go the white and khaki route).

  2. Oh my goodness, that hoody is adorable! And the red floral dress. Love!!


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