Thursday, July 17, 2014

It's a Cow Party!

When I asked Adam what type of cake he wanted for his second birthday, he answered "cow". This request was repeated numerous times so I decided to go with a Cow theme for his second birthday.

His party was rather low key compared to my last few parties, as a lot of people couldn't make it due to other commitments. However, I forged ahead and put together a party that I can be proud of!

The first step was preparation. I used this template and these printables to create my own cow party hats and food labels as I could not find any to purchase.

The table and decorations were kept minimal, with mostly items I had let over from other parties. I could have brought all cow print items, but I had a lot of plain black and white items left over from previous parties so I used them and just added touches of cow print with items such as a cow print banner. I used black plates, black and white plates, black cups, white cups, black napkins and a black tablecloth.

Food is important to me at a party- my children (and husband) always request Cheerio sasauges, but I put together a few extra things to eat. Since the party was after lunch, I provided a few sweet options as well as some savoury nibbles for the adults. We had:
  • Rooster Roulade- I shared this recipe on my blog yesterday
  • Mini Moos- I found cow "tiny teddies" at my supermarket
  • Muddy Morsels- Cadbury Top Deck chocolate
  • Barnyard Eggs- an easy Devilled Eggs recipe

  • Cow Sprinkle Rice Krispie Treats- this recipe but with cow sprinkles!
  • Cow Brownie- I used my no fail brownie recipe and then added some cream cheese beaten with egg, 1/3 cup sugar and 1 teaspoon vanilla essence on top, then added blobs of the leftover brownie mix to create a cow print pattern.

For drinks, I used some cow print straws and milk bottles from Sweet Pea Parties and added some chocolate milk.

The kids loved drinking out of these!

As part of my Pinterest Resolutions, I attempted a cow print cake. First, I made two standard vanilla cakes using this recipe. I reserved 1/2 cup of the batter from each cake mix and to this I added a squirt of black liquid food colouring and 2 tablespoons of siftied cocoa powder. Then I used a piping bag and a Wilton donut tip to inject black blobs into the cake mixture before I baked it. The cake came out looking like this.

The next step was to create the cow print fondant. I used some flavoured white fondant and rolled it out, then placed blobs of black fondant on top and rolled it out again. 0

I had a bit of trouble with the fondant cracking, and my fondant cow looked more like a starfish, but the end reuslt was amazing in Adam's eyes!

I was very happy with the inside of the cake- it turned out exactly as planned. The cake was moust and delicious too.

At the end, we had a very happy two year old and a great family memory.

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  1. gorgeous family photo of you all. I love the food too - amazing! You are very creative

  2. Looks like a fun party. Love the cow theme :)

  3. Yay looks super fun and love all the little details! No surprise he was thrilled with the occasion!! Isn't it sweet how much they love drinking from the bottles? too cute :)

  4. Looks just amazing. What a great job. I was never so dedicated. Well done

  5. So creative! I love seeing how you did the cake and it doesn't look too hard... so neat that it had black patches inside it, too!


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