Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pinterest Resolutions Take Two.

Yesterday I shared with you my update on the Pinterest Resolutions. As promised, here are my next ten Pinterest inspired projects to do from now until the end of the year.

It is officially Spring and my house is in need of a deep clean. I hope this list will keep me motivated!

I admit to being completely unskilled when it comes to sewing, so these no-sew fridge mats will be super quick and easy. Why have I not done this already!

Come November, doing a little bit extra in preparation for Christmas will help me to keep organised and sane. My son's birthday is a week before Christmas, and this time of year can be hectic. Fingers crossed that these twelve things will keep me on the ball.

Thinking of Christmas, I already know what I want to do as gifts for some of the family members this year. I  love the look of these pans and think they will be appreciated as a present this Christmas.
My son's 4th birthday also happens to be in December, and he is having a Lego theme. These jellies look amazing but they seem so simple.
This one is for my kids- each month a different author is featured and we focus on one of their books. I am really excited to start this as it kicks off in three days with Bill Martin Jr.

Isn't this so pretty! My ribbons are shoved in a Ziploc bag and all tangled up together, so this is exactly what I need.

Weekly Marriage Shake Up

A great little list of how to woo your husband over a week- not too sappy and easy to incorporate into my busy lifestyle!

Make a Command Centre

This board is the inspiration for what I want to make with some red fabric and a corkboard. A place to put mail, keys, notes and other bits and pieces that otherwise end up floating around the kitchen bench. I am enlisting the help of Creative Mama for this one!

And finally,
Be Present

I need to focus more on the little things with my kids, and hope to cross this list off over the next couple of months. Can you tell I like lists?

I hope this has inspired you to look back at some of your Pinterest boards and find something to complete, try out or experiment with. I would love to know what your Pinterest resolutions are.


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  1. I love this! You inspired me to actually go through and reorganize my Pinterest to make it usable. I might steal this idea for my blog!


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