Friday, September 6, 2013

Pinterest Resolution Updates.

At the start of the year, I blogged about some of the Pinterest pins I wanted to do this year. Time for an update I think! The underlined links are the original Pin that inspired me, and I have linked my versions of them where possible.

 This was done and is all used up, with Adam on family meals now. It was very handy to have a large stash on hand, and I even used the leftover pureed spinach in smoothies.

We tackled this project at the beginning of March, you can see the bookcase makeover here.
Work on my marriage.

This was one thing I struggled with- I guess it is hard for a list to tell you what to do in your marriage. I am not sure if my husband noticed that I was treating him any differently, so I may have to try this one again!

Organise my house.

Yet another Pin that was done, but not to its full potential. I assumed that my younger son would have long sleeps while Lucas was at Preschool, but that didn't happen. However, some areas of my house are now a lot more organised and in general, my house is pretty tidy.
Create a play space for Adam.

I could have gone crazy buying boxes, buckets and toys for Adam. My husband bought home a wonderful wicker basket from work that works wonders and didn't cost anything! Adam loves his play corner, and big brother can quite often be found there too.

Make this wedding card.

My friend got married in March, and so I made this card for her. You can see my version here.

Stock up on freezer smoothies.

Lucas still loves his "mooovies" as he calls them- you can read about our Freezer Smoothies here.

Make some laundry art.

Hubby doesn't see the point of hanging up things in the laundry- so I am still working on this one!

Limit screen time.

Our family managed to do a full screen free week, and although the TV isn't ready for the rubbish pile yet, I have found myself at least coming up with other ideas. We have started going to the library more often, Lucas is now more into arts and crafts, and we have even had a few fun science experiments.

Do the Toddler Bucket List with Lucas.

 We have a few things left to cross off as outlined here, but overall this list has been invaluable in coming up with ideas on what to do. We are going to see a Puppet Show this weekend as a family, which will be another thing crossed off!

 It has been so much fun to actually do some ideas I had pinned. Come back tomorrow, when I will share the next ten things on my Pinterest To Do List.

Is there anything you have done lately that was inspired by Pinterest? I would love to hear about it!

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