Tuesday, June 18, 2013

B.M.W.B- Winter Must-Do List

Brrr, the wintery weather is truly upon us, with snow forecast for the end of the week. Today was spent rugged up indoors building cushion mountains and Duplo towers.

I thought I would share our winter must-do list with you. It is a list of some fun things that we can do this winter to keep children entertained and parents sane.

Feel free to print and use this for your own children!

Some of the things mentioned on this list have specific links, which I have included below:

Family Fondue Night: Based on the Gingerbread Family Fondue Night at Shaken Together.

Snow Painting: From the Kid Activity For Snow Days page on Really Quite Lucky.

Paper Cup Snowmen: Making snowmen from Playing House.

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  1. What awesome ideas
    Doubt the snow painting and building snowmen is an option in Auckland tho
    wonder what I could do with rain rain rain oh and did I mention rain

    1. We are supposed to get snow here on Thursday, shall I send some your way? :p

  2. great ideas and thanks for the reminder about snow painting - might be able to do that this week :o)

  3. It is so funny to see your 'winter' list when we are making our 'summer' list! I am a list-maker, too...I need visual and tangible motivation! Hope you're enjoying the weather...


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